Welcome to AnamChem!

We are a San Diego-based fine chemistry manufacturing company. We manufacture and sell high purity reagents at very competitive prices in the market. Our focus is on Biotinylation and Pegylation reagents.

Our products are both high quality and priced competitively to help your research and development needs.

Our innovative synthesis allows us to manufacture high purity products at very affordable prices, and we pass these savings on to our customers. This in turn allows you to be more effective and successful.

Dear Customers,

AnamChem is focused on providing you with high quality building blocks and cross linkers. As part of our efforts to improve our service to you, we will soon be switching to a different format for purchase: our products will in the future be available at Amazon.com and other select distributors to be announced, and you will be able to easily order from them.

We are looking forward to be your partners in R&D success!

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